Why you should move from PC to Mac

June 14, 2018

Purchasing a new computer can be a big decision, especially if you are considering moving from a PC to a Mac; you need to be sure that you are making the right investment.

Windows no longer includes applications such as Outlook and MS Word; these will need to be purchased separately on a subscription basis. 

Apple OS X includes valuable applications such as email and a calendar and additional apps are cheaper than the equivalent on a PC and fortunately Microsoft has a Mac-compatible version of MS Office.

If you are already a user of Apple products, such as the iPhone or iPad, you can take advantage of syncing all your devices via iCloud.

Moving files and setting up Mac is quick and easy 

  • Migration Assistant automatically copies documents, pictures, and videos from another Mac or PC. So you don’t have to worry about losing important files or photo albums when moving to a new Mac. 
  • Just turn on your new Mac to begin the setup process. With Setup Assistant, customers with an Apple ID can automatically set up Notes, Contacts, and Calendar and even transfer iTunes purchases. And those without an Apple ID can create one easily.

Mac works great with other apps 

  • If you use Microsoft Office, you will love using it on Mac. Popular apps like Office and Adobe Photoshop also have versions that are designed to take advantage of the latest Mac features. And you can find many other great apps you need right in the Mac App Store.  
  • Mac supports file formats and email accounts that you already use, including Microsoft Exchange. And with the great built-in apps on Mac, you can view common file types like Office documents, PDFs, images, text files, MP3s, videos, ZIP files, and more.

It’s easy to protect Mac 

  • macOS checks for new security updates every day, so that you always have the latest and safest version.  
  • macOS comes with features to make Mac more secure - Gatekeeper protects you from installing malicious software and FileVault 2 encrypts data, so it stays safe and secure.  
  • Mac will feel familiar—and works great with iPhone.  
  • Many iOS features and apps, like Siri, Photos, and Mail, are similar on Mac, so it’s easy to get started. And with iCloud, you will always have access to the files they want, no matter what device they’re on.  
  • Apple devices work seamlessly together. With features like Handoff or Universal Clipboard, you can even start something on your iPhone and continue it on your Mac. So it’s easy for you to move between devices without losing focus on what you’re doing. 

Mac is built to last 

  • Updates to the operating system are free and work across multiple generations of Mac. So that you can keep your Mac for years and still have the latest OS.  
  • Each Mac also comes with powerful built-in apps that are easy to use, like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. And with iCloud, you can access your documents on your iPhone, Mac, or PC web browser—so you always have everything you need, wherever you are. 


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