Cyber Security

Cyber Security.

Protect your business against cyber-attacks and breaches by putting simple measures in place and adopting Cyber Essentials good practice for information security.


Cyber Essentials is a UK government scheme that outlines the basic steps that organisations can take to secure their systems. Viewdata will undertake the necessary work to help you prevent about 80% of cyber attacks.

Viewdata can deliver this process as a one-off project. Alternatively, Viewdata's Managed Service does include Cyber Essentials consultancy as part of our on-boarding.

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  • Nominated Account Managers assigned
  • Initital auditing services 
  • Internal and external threat analysis
  • Threat detection, prevention and response
  • Firewall analysis
  • User access control assessment
  • Optimal Malware protection
  • Patch management services
  • Monitoring 7 days a week

Our CYBER SECURITY services.



How does Cyber Essentials work?

Most criminal hackers aren’t state-sponsored agencies or activists looking for high-profile targets, and they don’t spend countless hours staking out and researching their targets.

Instead, they tend to be opportunistic, looking for any available target. In that regard, you can think of them as a burglar; yes, they’re aware of high-value marks, but it’s more effective to go after easier targets.

What are the five controls?

1) Firewalls
These are designed to prevent unauthorised access to or from private networks, but a good setup of these devices either in hardware or software is essential to be fully effective.

2) Secure configuration
Web server and application server configurations play a crucial role in cyber security. Failure to manage the proper configuration of your servers can lead to a wide variety of security problems.

3) User access control
It is important to keep access to your data and services to a minimum. This should prevent a criminal hacker from being presented with open access to your information.

4) Malware protection
It is essential to protect your business from malicious software, which will seek to access files on your system.

Protecting against a broad range of malware (including computer viruses, worms, spyware, botnet software and ransomware) and including options for virus removal will protect your computer, your privacy and your important documents from attack.

5) Patch management
All devices and software are prone to technical vulnerabilities. Cyber criminals can rapidly exploit vulnerabilities once they’ve been discovered and shared publicly.

Criminal hackers exploit known vulnerabilities in operating systems and third-party applications if they are not properly patched of updated.


Viewdata can provide the appropriate resource to meet and train your staff to ensure all procedures and working practices are understood and delivered to ensure maximum protection from Cyber attacks.

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