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How does your current managed IT service compare to Viewdata?

July 21, 2022

Viewdata has been providing innovative IT services for over 30 years. Most of our new clients are generated by referrals and we are extremely grateful to our wonderful client base for this. That said, maintaining a healthy, productive and happy relationship with our current customers is paramount for each and every member of our team at Viewdata and we are proud to have so many very long-standing customers in a wide range of industries.

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Is Apple's new M2 chip really better than the M1?

July 12, 2022

It was only last October that Apple announced the launch of its new M1 chip that replaced the intel chips they have previously been using for many years. The new M1 chips were announced inline with the launch of the new Macbook Pro 13 and 16 models boasting huge boosts in performance while lowering battery usage dramatically.

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Switching IT providers made easy with Viewdata

June 29, 2022

You might think that changing IT providers could be very disruptive to your business and be a painful process if it’s not approached correctly. Here at Viewdata, we understand that it could appear to be quite a daunting task, however we are here to support you and invest the time required to ensure a completely pain free switch.

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Recycling your old computers - the benefits, and the reward!

June 6, 2022

There are many benefits of recycling old computers, and it’s not just freeing up the space in your storage room! This article gives a quick outline of the benefits of recycling your computers, plus the reward you get for doing so.

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Windows 11 and what you need to know

May 6, 2022

Back in October 2021 Microsoft started the roll out of its new Windows 11 operating system. With a new look and the promise of an OS that would load games faster, have tighter security, and give users an overall simplified and more refined experience it sounds positive.

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Learn what an IT managed service is and what it can do for your business

April 12, 2022

Digital transformation was the in-thing in the business world long before coronavirus was a thing, but the pandemic forced businesses to accelerate their plans in a fight for survival.

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