Why choose iPad for business?

January 3, 2019

The Apple iPad may not replace your work laptop, however with its powerful features, applications and tools it can still greatly assist you in business and make work-life more efficient.



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Due to a surge in mobile software solutions, most business tools can now be used on the iPad, including Microsoft Office for your favourite office apps, OneDrive to store, access and update your documents, QuickBooks for processing accounts, Trello for project management and Slack for collaborating.

Your own personal assistant
Siri can be used to set meeting times, schedule events, make notes and manage reminders and take voice dictation, just tell her what you need.

Present using iPad
The new iPad Pro offers a USB-C port which enables you to connect to hardware to display presentations without the need for your laptop. And, between Skype and FaceTime the iPad provides easy access to video conferencing. 

Access emails
The iPad offers the ability to connect to POP servers, Exchange server and IMAP based mail servers. You can access emails and even perform basic folder management.

Manage socials
Social media platforms now have their own apps and can be easily managed using the iPad, whilst on the move. 

Scan documents
In notes you can scan a document using the camera functionality and save the file, mark it up, or send it as an email attachment. 

Print documents
Simply purchase a printer that supports AirPrint, connect it to the Wi-Fi and the iPad will recognise it. By using the ‘share’ button within apps you can send documents to print over the air.

The task-switching capability enables you to swap from one app to another without having to close the application as the iPad keeps it open in its memory in the background. Double-click the ‘Home’ button to bring up the task screen and choose the app you want to use.

Utilising accessories such as a keyboard and stylus make it more adaptable and easier to carry-out business tasks. The stylus makes taking notes, reminders, drawing and jotting down ideas simple.

Processing power
The iPad Pro rivals a lot of laptops in processing power, with its large RAM and the includes the most advanced display, supporting wide-gamut colours.

Save website shortcuts
If you regularly use the same websites, you can add them to your home screen for easy access. On the webpage tap ‘share’ and ‘add to home screen’. 


The iPad Pro is the ideal tablet for use in business...

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