Why Apple is so popular in business

October 16, 2017

Ever wondered why more and more people use Apple devices in business?

Apple has been at its peak for some years now by consistently releasing highly desirable, pioneering products and remaining at the forefront of technology. The company has not only managed to create products that make people want each and every release available, but they have shaped them using the best technology has to offer, digitally transforming the way we live and work today.

Over the past decade Apple has considerably elevated their reputation by delivering the globe devices that we cannot exist without. The features and applications that we never knew we needed, are now comfortably embedded into our everyday lives and functioning without them would spark utter chaos.

Did you know?

Today, a massive 99% of Fortune 500 companies are using iOS on their networks.

Transforming the phone
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Apple’s success lies with the release of the iPhone that initially created great enthusiasm from consumers, having access to an affordable, revolutionary product that far exceeded any other phone on the market. It was no longer just a phone, but a device that tapped into every part of the users life, delivering tools they never knew they required. In turn, business users rapidly established a loyal following due to the ease of syncing emails, contacts and calendars.


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The first iPad was released in 2010 and in less than a year The Wall Street Journal reported that 65% of the Fortune 100 had began testing the iPad for enterprise use. 

Having a device that had a familiar interface to the iPhone, using technology that users already knew and incorporating intuitive business applications made it particularly popular.  Take a look at Apple’s business success stories >>


Any device for any business

Through the years Apple has ingeniously developed devices that can be vastly personalised to befit the individual needs of its user, irrespective of business type or size, making it the perfect brand to assimilate in any workforce.

Macs are now notable devices within the business environment. They are consistently ranked high for their first-class build quality and reliability, and even with years of use, Macs are still remarkable machines, making it more likely to have to upgrade a PC more frequently than a Mac, meaning Macs have a lower cost of ownership and a better ROI. See how IBM made significant savings >>

​For users, Macs are becoming the device of choice as they offer a better user experience and the product is simple and enjoyable to use. The technology and interface are familiar, therefore, users require minimal training and it helps improve productivity.   

The benefits of utilising Apple products in business: 

  • iOS and macOS are built on a UNIX foundation, making them both stable and robust  
  • Devices are secure and can easily be deployed throughout the company  
  • Devices can be set up and configured automatically  
  • Familiar interface using technology users already know  
  • The App store offers a host of Apps to improve efficiencies  
  • Better user experience  
  • Requires minimal training  
  • Popular applications like Microsoft office are available  
  • High-end build quality and reliability  
  • Easy to use and intuitive  
  • Helps businesses collaborate  
  • Easy to be mobile  
  • Reliable  
  • Desirable 

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