What’s new with Jamf Pro 10.3?

April 6, 2018

With the release of Jamf Pro 10.3, we take a look at what’s new. 

  • Compatibility with macOS, iOS, and tvOS  
  • User Approved MDM Enrolment  
  • User-Initiated Enrolment with an MDM Profile  
  • Computer Inventory Reporting Capabilities  
  • Security status updates  
  • Smart Device Groups and Advanced Mobile Device Search Enhancements  
  • Microsoft Intune Integration Enhancements  
  • Pre-Stage Enrolment Enhancements  
  • Jamf self-service for macOS updates  
  • Language Update for Mobile Device Configuration Profiles  
  • Deprecation of The Casper Focus app 

Compatibility with macOS, iOS, and tvOS
Jamf Pro 10.3.0 provides compatibility with macOS 10.13.4, iOS 11.3, and tvOS 11.3. This includes compatibility for the following management workflows:  

  • Enrolment and inventory reporting   
  • Configuration profiles   
  • App deployment   
  • Self Service installation   
  • Self Service launches and connections   
  • App deployment via Self Service   
  • Policies   
  • Restricted software  

User Approved MDM Enrolment
User Approved MDM can now be managed with Jamf Pro. User Approved MDM is required for certain performance and security enhancements, like managing kernel extensions. 

There are a number of ways in which a computer can be enrolled with Jamf Pro to achieve a User Approved MDM status. These include:  

  • Enrolment in MDM prior to being upgraded to macOS 10.13.4   
  • Enrolment via Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP) using a Pre-Stage enrolment   
  • Enrolment via user-initiated enrolment with an MDM profile (new in Jamf Pro 10.3.0)  

User-Initiated Enrolment with an MDM Profile
User-initiated enrolment is one of the methods that result in a User Approved MDM status for eligible computers. Starting with Jamf Pro 10.3.0, users will be prompted to download either an MDM profile or Quick-Add package during user-initiated enrolment based on the version of macOS on their computer.


Computer Inventory Reporting Capabilities

User Approved MDM and DEP Enrolment
You can now view the statuses for the following attributes in the General category of a computer’s inventory information:  

  • User Approved Enrolment (enrolment in MDM)   
  • Enrolled via DEP  

This information is collected and displayed for macOS 10.13.2 or later only. 

You can now view statuses for the following attributes in the Local User Account category of a computer’s inventory information:  

  • Minimum Number of Complex Characters   
  • Maximum Passcode Age   
  • Password History  

You can also view the status for the Disable Automatic Login attribute in the Security category of a computer's inventory information. 

Smart Device Groups and Advanced Mobile Device Search Enhancements
Smart device groups and advanced mobile device searches now contain the ability to match certain criteria against a regular expression. 
To use this feature in Jamf Pro, navigate to Devices > Smart Device Groups for a smart device group search or Devices > Search Inventory for an advanced mobile device search. Navigate to the Criteria tab, where you can now choose “matches regex” and “does not match regex” as an operator. 

Microsoft Intune Integration Enhancements 

  • An Azure administrator can now open the consent URL for the Jamf Native macOS Connector app to be added to your Azure AD tenant via the Microsoft Intune Integration settings. The Jamf Native macOS Connector app allows each registered computer to connect to Azure Active Directory to collect its device identifier.   
  • Statuses for Azure Active Directory ID now appear in the Local User Account category of a computer’s inventory information.  

Pre-Stage Enrolment Enhancements
You can now select the following skip steps for computer and mobile device Pre-Stage enrolments:  

  • Privacy (macOS, iOS, and tvOS)   
  • iCloud Storage (macOS only)   
  • One Home Screen for Every Apple TV (tvOS only)   
  • Sign In to Your TV Provider (tvOS only)   
  • Where is this Apple TV? (tvOS only) 

For more information take a look at the release notes

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