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June 29, 2022

easy-switching-IT-provider.jpgYou might think that changing IT providers could be very disruptive to your business and be a painful process if it’s not approached correctly. Here at Viewdata, we understand that it could appear to be quite a daunting task, however we are here to support you and invest the time required to ensure a completely pain free switch. Changing IT providers can be made easy! Keep reading to find out how.

Before the switch

We invest the time upfront to truly understand and determine your IT set-up, current IT strategy, security measures, data integrity, as well as your future plans and wishes for your infrastructure. We will then present you with a detailed outline of our approach including suggested areas of improvement that can be applied during and after the switch.

We have planned and carried out many IT provider switches over the years and are truly confident in our approach. We pride ourselves on our reputation, if you would like to see what some of our clients say, you can check out our case studies.

When it comes to the switch

Here at Viewdata we ensure to invest in the tools that will make the transition quick, efficient, and well enable us to provide all of your servicing needs in a very short period of time. Some of the tool we employ include:

  • Connectwise - An IT management software solution. The software stores data on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure. It maintains Privacy Shield certification to ensure an adequate level of protection for data transfers from the EU. Find out more at https://www.connectwise.com.
  • Addigy - A patch management software solution. The software stores customers' personal data on AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using data centres located in the USA. Like Connectwise, Addigy maintains Privacy Shield certification providing protection for data transfers from the EU. Find out more at https://addigy.com.
  • IT Glue - A documentation platform. Once again, all data stored is hosted on AWS infrastructure hosted in the EU. Find out more at https://www.itglue.com.


"The Imperial War Museums have now been working with Viewdata for 3 years and in that time our end-user experience of Mac Support has been transformed. Having had poor support experiences over a number of years from previous suppliers we decided to re-tender the contract. Several companies responded to the tender, but as soon as we met with Viewdata it was clear that Paul and his team were the right company for us and looking at the longer-term partnership rather than just a normal supplier type relationship…so the choice was clear.

The Viewdata team are always on-hand to answer any queries we have and their support is always excellent – I couldn’t be happier with the relationship and the contract performance, in fact we have just signed an extension on the original contract."

After the switch

Here at Viewdata, our fully managed IT services offer you an all encompassing IT support package. We strive to provide complete IT support through our team of highly experienced technicians and can provide fully flexible support packages to meet your exact requirements, allowing us to conform to your needs, not ours.

Some of the key benefits to switching IT provider with Viewdata include:

  • Mac and PC support with on-premises or cloud server/data
  • Full AV (Audio Visual), networking, firewalls, printers and device management
  • Pro-active management of all software licensing ensuring you only pay for what you are using
  • Guidance on Cyber Essential Accreditation
  • Consistent forward planning for any planned upgrades to hardware, software, communication systems, cloud collaboration and more
  • All phones are answered by our friendly, knowledgeable staff quickly and efficiently
  • Complete support with ALL staff offboarding and onboarding, including product supply

In Conclusion

Having completed numerous and varied IT provider switches over the years, we have the tools, knowledge and experience to ensure a pain free switching experience for our customers. So if you have been putting off switching IT providers because you are concerned about the challenges involved, Get in touch with us today ​​​​​and we will talk through your specific requirements in detail and leave you with the peace of mind that we have your IT provider switch fully under control.


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