Recycling your old computers - the benefits, and the reward!

June 6, 2022

recycling-old-computers.jpgWhat are the challenges of recycling old computers?

The challenges of recycling old computers are vast. Firstly, safely removing the hazardous materials, like lead and mercury, that are found in many electronics can be extremely difficult. Then you need to find a way to reuse or recycle the valuable materials, like gold and plastic, that are found in computers and other electronics which can often be a tricky task. Finally, it's important to ensure that the recycled materials don't end up in landfills or in the hands of those who would exploit them.

What are the benefits of recycling old computers?

For one, recycling old computers helps reduce the amount of electronic waste that is sent to landfills each year. Recycling old computers also helps conserve resources, since it takes less energy to recycle a computer than to create a new one from scratch. Additionally, recycling old computers helps create jobs in the recycling industry. There are many environmental benefits of recycling old computers too. We mentioned previously about the conversation of energy and natural resources and this in turn helps us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, recycling old computers helps keep the harmful toxins like lead and mercury out of the environment.

Why should I bother recycling my computer?

Under the EU WEEE Directive there is an obligation to:
Make good use of the materials that make up old electrical equipment by recycling rather than disposal to landfill. Prevent the negative environmental effects of sending hazardous electrical equipment to landfill.

So what's the reward?

Here at Viewdata we offer a great recycling program which will give you maximum return for your assets by selling your used devices. With 100% data security, our service is hassle-free and easy-to-use. Here are some of the key benefits to our program:

    Competitive valuations for any used iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Mac mini or iMac. Get maximum return for your assets by selling with ease.
    Simply provide the serial number and device description via email or over the phone for a free, no obligation valuation.
    Once the valuation has been agreed by both parties, we will arrange collection of the devices, whether it’s one or one hundred.
    Once the devices have been received and reviewed, the agreed amount will be transferred directly into your nominated bank account.
    Providing 100% data security, all devices are wiped of data. We will then provide you with a data destruction certificate.

Viewdata will engage with a fully accredited recycle company to manage the recycle/disposal of any Apple device. Once our security experts have wiped your machines to InfoSec data erasure standard 5, the data will be completely irretrievable, and we will send you a data destruction certificate to confirm.

Additionally, Viewdata will provide an exact value against any demised Macs within 48 hours of submission. Once this value is agreed and accepted then Viewdata will arrange a free collection service and once the units have been appraised Viewdata will confirm the exact value attributed to the items collected. This value will then be credited to your account.

Finally, Viewdata will then issue a data destruction certificate for each device.

Get in touch with us today to arrange for your free valuation and see how much you could earn back from the old hardware in your storage room!


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