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April 12, 2022

managed-IT-services-article.jpgDigital transformation was the in-thing in the business world long before coronavirus was a thing, but the pandemic forced businesses to accelerate their plans in a fight for survival.

There are many benefits to digital transformation, and a definite need for it, but it is by no means a straightforward process for IT leaders. There are not only many ways a business can upgrade, improve or digitise their services, but there is also plenty of temptation to do anything and everything possible to modernise the organisation.

However, to get all the right benefits of a digital transformation process, IT leaders need to pursue a careful approach with lots planning. That might sound time-consuming, and costly, but it's not something you have to do entirely alone.

Managed service providers (MSPs) essentially function as a trusted partner, enabling organisations to offload the day-to-day maintenance and operation of their IT.

Over the course of the pandemic, MSPs have become a highly-valued asset, one that's helped many businesses adapt to the so-called new normal. Whether it's shifting clients to remote working, helping to find more value with business resilient solutions like VOIP or setting up remote monitoring and management (RMM), an MSP can be useful to almost any business.

Managed services have evolved from the traditional break/fix model, essentially a reactive model where a third-party specialist maintains, upgrades and repairs IT systems when a failure happens. A managed service approach, on the other hand, is usually more focused on a subscription-based model, where businesses normally agree to pay a certain amount each month in exchange for ongoing system management and is very much a pre-emptive model, evaluating and monitoring systems to spot weaknesses and faults before they occur, maximising uptime and improving productivity for your organisation.

Often the services included are tailored to suit your needs but you can expect most MSPs to offer a basic package of 24/7 monitoring and daily support, but they may also offer more sophisticated services, such as disaster recovery, asset management and on/ off boarding.

Managed services can be an excellent choice for businesses that want to scale but don’t possess the necessary resources to do so or maybe they simply want to focus on changing business strategy instead of fighting fires in their systems.

When it comes to new hardware, an MSP can also be hugely beneficial for staff. For example, remote employees who need new equipment, like a monitor, printer supplies, or a keyboard, can order this themselves while still giving IT and purchasing departments visibility and control over supplies. This helps to streamline the IT management process A major growth area is security with the ever-growing risk of a malicious attack, some companies prefer to outsource their security to a specialist Managed IT Security Provider (MSSP) who will handle the day-to-day security workload as well as patch management, backup, and responses to any breaches.

The specific advantages of managed IT services depend in part on the type of service, but there are some more general factors which may influence a business' choice to outsource a function to an MSP.

Advantages of managed IT services

  • Expertise: For smaller businesses in particular, being able to outsource knowledge and expertise can be an enormous help, as well as having experienced technical support available.
  • Predictable costs: Rather than incurring large expenses for an IT issue, businesses can instead account for potential problems within a predictable monthly fee set to the number of uses so if your workforce numbers vary you’ll only be paying for the right number
  • Maintainance and upgrates: Organisations no longer have to worry whether software is up-to-date, as all this is taken care of by the provider. They can also get access to newer technologies which they may not have been able to afford by themselves

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