Jamf Pro 10.6 is now available - what's new?

August 1, 2018

Jamf Pro 10.6 is now available offering new features, focusing on performance and stability. Whilst admins can now begin testing iOS 12 beta , macOS Mojave beta and tvOS 12 beta.

Here's what's new: 

  • Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) Integration.  
  • InnoDB Storage Engine for MySQL.  
  • Jamf Pro API Changes and Enhancements.  
  • Jamf Self Service for iOS.  
  • 32-bit app warning alert.  
  • Upload and deploy provisioning profiles.  
  • Workflows will no longer support user information that has not been migrated.  
  • Casper Focus app has been deprecated. 

You can now add Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) as a PKI Provider in Jamf Pro. This allows you to use AD CS as the certificate authority (CA) for distributing certificates to computers and mobile devices via configuration profiles. 

InnoDB is now the default storage engine for fresh installs of the MySQL database and any new database tables. InnoDB provides a number of benefits over MyISAM, including:  

  • Improved stability.   
  • Support for transactions.   
  • Better performance.   
  • Improved data management for large deployments. 

The Jamf Pro API (formerly the Universal API) beta is open for user testing. The base URL for the Jamf Pro API is /uapi. To access the Jamf Pro API documentation, append "/uapi/doc" to your Jamf Pro URL. For example: https://jss.mycompany.com:8443/uapi/doc

Jamf Self Service for iOS 10.5.1 includes the following enhancements:  

  • Localisation Support—Jamf Self Service for iOS can now be viewed in Chinese, French, German, and Japanese.  
  • Accessibility Improvements—VoiceOver support in Jamf Self Service for iOS has been improved.   
  • Category Sorting—The “All” category in Jamf Self Service for iOS now sorts content alphanumerically.  

Other changes and enhancements: 

  • Due to the requirement for App Store apps to support 64-bit on mobile devices with iOS 11 or later, a compatibility warning displays in Jamf Pro when a 32-bit app is being configured.   
  • Improved the handling of Managed App Configuration with the Install App MDM command.   
  • Improved the handling of computer configuration profiles with an Approved Kernel Extensions payload after User Approved MDM is enabled.   
  • The ability to upload and deploy provisioning profiles using Jamf Pro has been reinstated.   
  • Renamed the "Microsoft Intune Integration" global setting to "Conditional Access".   
  • Renamed the "Microsoft Intune Integration" tab to "macOS Intune Integration".   
  • Early access feature: The Jamf Pro iOS Azure AD Integration is an early access feature now available for testing. By integrating Jamf Pro with Azure AD, organizations can support conditional access policies configured in Azure AD for iOS devices. 

Warning: The Jamf Pro iOS Azure AD Integration early access feature should not be used in production environments. For information about testing this feature in a non-production environment, contact your Jamf account representative.

Jamf Pro 10.6 release notes
For more information on what’s new in Jamf Pro 10.6, please view the release notes which can be found here>>

What do I need to do?
Through Jamf Nation you can download the new version on the “My Assets” page.

If you are on a hosted version at jamfcloud.com, the upgrade will be completed automatically. 

If you need assistance or further information please contact us on 020 8979 3000 or email support(at)viewdata.co.uk.


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