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April 4, 2019

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Many of us have experienced times in the office when email just doesn’t seem to be the right tool for the communication you want to start. If you share a file with someone and want to discuss it, Office 365 has an in-app chat function for easy collaboration - available to Office 365 subscribers.

Firstly, the file needs to be stored on either SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business and then shared with others. The document needs to be open in order for the chat functionality to work. 

To get started simply click the chat icon near the top right of the screen, which launches the chat box. Then just type your message, and you will see messages from others too. 

You also have the ability to minimize the chat so that it is less distracting by simply clicking the minimize button at the top of the chat window. The chat bar will still indicate if a new message has been received so that you can reopen it and respond at your leisure. 

Alternatively, you can mute the chat window by clicking the ‘X’ at the top right corner of the chat window. You will not see any further messages until you reopen the window later. 

Another person can enter the chat at any time by opening the file to edit it. However, they will not see any chat history, only new messages.

It is important to note that chat history is not retained. Once the document is closed the chat information disappears. To preserve notes consider using the comments feature. 

In order for the chat functionality to work you and the people you're chatting with need to be using the latest version of Office for Windows for Office 365, Office for Mac for Office 365, or Office Online. Older versions are not currently supported.


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