iMac Pro changes how to image and deploy

January 3, 2018

With the new release of the iMac Pro, Apple has taken the opportunity to introduce new deployment methods.

Deploys Main.jpg

The new iMac Pro features a T2 chip, which has a secure enclave co-processor, making the new iMac Pro even more secure with new encrypted storage and secure boot capabilities, giving users the ability to lock down their Mac’s boot process. 

The use of secure boot, which replaces NetBoot, makes sure that your Mac always starts up from a legitimate, trusted Mac operating system. The full security setting, offering the highest level of security, requires an Internet connection and will affect Enterprise environments, as a proxy server will no longer work in the deployment workflow. 

Having a stable and efficient environment that manages your Macs, software, users and configurations is paramount. Any new Macs that are released, like the iMac Pro will require High Sierra which will undoubtedly contain the T2 system controller or similar and feature secure boot. 

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