How mobility can correct inefficiencies

August 29, 2018

There could be many reasons why your organisation is experiencing inefficiencies, from printed-paper documents, static data or single-use devices. The more regularly the inefficiency occurs throughout the organisation, the more money it is costing the business. Apple devices can make a vast difference...

The printing of documents is still prevalent in many companies; it might be a necessity for data collection or collateral distribution. However, many processes can be streamlined and replaced with digital documentation, eliminating the costs involved in printing, enabling the documents to become searchable and removing the potential of losing hard-copy documents. Static data can also become out-of-date quickly and might not reflect latest updates.   

Some devices might be allocated for single-use and are only dedicated for a certain business purpose, restricting access to resources, reducing productivity and creating inefficiencies. 

How Apple devices make a difference
Apple devices provide an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with integrated hardware and software, offering Enterprise-level security and privacy for devices, data and apps and a transparent user experience. 

Security at its core
Apple designed the iOS platform with security at its core, incorporating innovative features that tighten mobile security and protect the entire system by default. iOS protects not only the device and its data at rest, but the entire ecosystem, including everything users do locally, on networks, and with key Internet services. 

iOS and iOS devices provide advanced security features, and yet they’re also simple to use. Many of these features are enabled by default, so that IT departments do not need to perform extensive configurations. Key security features such as device encryption are not configurable, so users cannot disable them by mistake. 

Other features, such as Face ID, enhance the user experience by making it simpler and more intuitive to secure the device. 

Deployment made simple
With a single-platform for business apps, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Apple Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP), deployment is made simple.

DEP offers a fast, streamlined way to deploy iOS, tvOS and macOS devices. Devices can be automatically enrolled in MDM without having to touch or set them up before delivery to users. MDM also makes the set-up process even easier for users by removing specific steps in the Setup Assistant, so that they can get up and running quickly. 

Having control over user permissions ensures the MDM profile can be added or removed from the device. Once a device is activated, any MDM-specified configurations, restrictions or controls are installed automatically.

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