How Centrify can manage Apple users on your corporate network

July 16, 2018

Macs are increasing in popularity and creating a shift from historical Windows endpoints to cross-platform environments and with traditional directory service infrastructures, access management for Macs can be challenging. 

Centrify provides a suite of tools to manage Macs with existing Active Directory infrastructure and mobility capabilities from the Centrify Identity Platform.

Manage Macs like PCs
Users increasingly want to use Apple Macs and mobile devices in the workplace and while working out of the office. Yet most organisations have traditionally provisioned PCs and used Microsoft Server infrastructure to secure and manage their computing devices and users. The resulting challenge is how to make users more productive with their personal devices without compromising corporate security and privileged access to corporate resources and data.

Centrify Identity Service, Mac Edition gives organisations the ability to securely deploy Apple Macs and mobile devices side-by-side with PCs, using an on-premises Microsoft Active Directory- and/or cloud-based identity and policy management infrastructure. Workers can now use their device of choice while meeting IT security and policy guidelines, resulting in more productive, satisfied users and better security for corporate assets and data.

Key features include: 

  • Best-in-class support for Active Directory identity management, single sign-on and Group Policy.  
  • Mac smart card support.  
  • Certificate issuance and management.  
  • Secure network auto-configuration.  
  • Management of encrypted FileVault 2 disks.  
  • Enterprise Mobility Management.  
  • Single sign-on for centrally managed corporate SaaS apps. 

With Centrify, IT teams can: 

  • Manage Macs, mobile devices and their users by leveraging existing tools, processes and training.  
  • Deploy one centrally-managed identity for users with self-service and support for corporate and BYOD Macs and mobile devices.  
  • Leverage one security and management infrastructure for Mac, mobile and Windows users. 

Key benefits include: 

  • Provide users with a single secure identity, enabling automatic access to corporate resources and apps.  
  • Enforce corporate policies on Macs and mobile devices using AD Group Policy or cloud-based policies.  
  • Augment Mac and mobile device security management with PKI certificate management, 802.1x Wi-Fi and VPN management and centralized FileVault2 disk encryption. 
  • Empower users and save IT resources through self-service tools, app deployment and inventory management.  
  • Extend Active Directory-based authentication to Mac smart cards for compliance with security standards and mandates. 

Local Administrator Password Management
The practice or reusing the same local admin password for every endpoint, and rarely, if ever, changing it continues to be common among businesses of all sizes. The Centrify Identity Platform gives IT organisations a simple and effective means to create and manage unique local administrator passwords for each Mac in their environment. Passwords are securely stored in the Centrify Privilege Service and authorized users can check out the local admin password for remote management or to temporarily grant admin rights to the device’s primary user.

Application Management Powered by Munki
Centrify Endpoint Services has built-in integration with the Munki open source project for Mac Application Management to enable administrators to centrally manage and automatically distribute 3rd party and in-house developed macOS applications to end users based on their role in the organisation. Application installation is accomplished silently as soon as the user enrolls their Mac, or when the user is added to a role in which the applications are assigned.

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