Here's what’s new with Jamf Pro 10.4

May 4, 2018

The new version of Jamf Pro continues to add features and functionality to support and complement Apple’s spring release and to enhance current workflows, and a few features have now been removed. 

New features: 

  • Monitor the User Approved status of managed Macs.  
  • Suppress the Quick Start proximity setup after erasing a device.  
  • Restrict the Remote app to specific Apple TV devices.  
  • Integrate with Entrust Certificate Authority to enrol devices and issue certificates.  
  • Enhancements to existing workflows provide improvements to the User Approved MDM enrolment experience.  
  • Notify users in Self Service to approve their mobile device management (MDM) profile.  
  • Enhancements to the Microsoft Intune integration setup.  
  • Additional search criteria for computer Smart Groups.  
  • Jamf Premium Cloud. 

Removed features: 

  • Jamf Distribution Server (JDS) settings are no longer directly accessible via the Jamf Pro user interface.  
  • The Casper Focus app has been deprecated and will not be updated beyond the currently available version (9.96). 

User Approved status of managed Macs 
The ability to monitor the User Approved status of managed Macs. Jamf recently added full support for User Approved MDM, and the 10.4 release takes it a step further, by introducing a new feature to guide a user to approve an MDM profile if it is reported as "Not Approved" via inventory data in Jamf Pro. Managed Macs are automatically scanned weekly (or when Self Service is launched) for its User Approved status, and can optionally send a notification to the user informing them how to remediate their Mac. As a bonus, IT admins do not need to set up a Smart Group or create a policy — this is all done automatically.

Jamf Premium Cloud
Jamf Premium Cloud is an add-on for cloud hosting that provides you with flexibility and control over your server. Choose when you’d like to upgrade, whitelist IPs, customise your URL and more. Get even more out of your Jamf Pro server.

Jamf will be issuing a supplemental release of Jamf Pro 10.4 prior to 25 May 2018 to help customers comply with applicable GDPR requirements.


If you are interested in implementing Jamf Pro in your business you can find out more here or alternatively, contact our expert consultants on 020 8979 3000 or email sales(at) to discuss your requirements. 


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