Give your old Mac a new lease of life & save £1000

August 31, 2017

You've had your trusty Mac by your side for some years and its now beginning to slow down and be less responsive. The cost of a new Mac isn't quite within reach but you need a solution to revive your device and get it back to its peak performance.

Replacing the HDD (hard disk drive) with an SSD (solid state drive) is a simple and cost-effective solution to your problem.

Heres why you should consider an SSD upgrade:

  1. Saves your business money
    A new Macbook Pro 15" Touch Bar, 2.9GHz, 512GB storage will cost your business £2249. However, if you are looking for a marked improvement in the performance of your mac for a fraction of the cost, replacing the HDD with an ssd is an affordable alternative with many of the benefits of a new device.
  2. Improves speed and productivity
    HDDs use a spinning platter much like a DVD to store data whereas; SSDs use electronic circuits to accomplish the same objective. The average SSD is approximately double the speed when writing data as the average HDD, leaving you more time to focus on the things that matter to your business.
  3. More durable
    As SSDs have no moving parts they are much more durable than regular HDDs, removing the need to worry about your Macs HDD being damaged, if the device is dropped or knocked.
  4. Less power consumption
    SSDs perform tasks quicker as they have no moving parts, thus more idle time, which consumes less power.
  5. Reduced noise
    Because SSDs have no moving parts, they create less noise, making your Mac quieter in general. This will be especially noticeable when preforming hard drive intensive tasks, such as copying large files.

Prices for a new SSD drive start from £209.00* +vat including installation.

Zero setup - ready to go

Our experts will clone your existing hard disk and copy it to the new SSD so you will have no work setting up your Mac or transferring data and we can also advise if your RAM can be upgraded.

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*prices vary depending on capacity required and exclude vat.

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