The cost of lost productivity due to inadequate IT

April 12, 2019

With ever changing IT landscapes, rapidly-evolving tech and increasing security risks, maintaining an efficient IT eco-system is becoming more and more problematic. 

cost main.webpIn a survey commissioned by Citrix it was found that IT issues are affecting 89% of British employees' productivity, because they are left waiting to get work done every day due to problems with technology.

On average, they are left waiting for 2.03 hours each week to get IT issues resolved, which equates to the equivalent of 12.8 working days lost over the course of a year!

More than 23% of office workers surveyed admit IT issues are their biggest barrier to productivity at work. In fact, 45% have never had a week at work where they weren’t slowed down by IT issues across their office set up. 

By identifying the issues within each department and researching the impact these have on your workers and the overall business, you can look at finding solutions to align your IT, streamline processes and improve user experience. 

Whilst the immediate response might be to invest in cutting-edge technology, without effectively maintaining and managing the hardware the benefits you receive will be short-lived. And, many employees don’t have specialist expertise in network infrastructure and IT support. 

Viewdata can assess your current infrastructure and recommend ways to improve your systems providing you with an effective solution that enables your workforce to be more productive and start winning back those lost days – and what’s more the IT health check is free! 

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