Compatibility issues with macOS High Sierra?

September 25, 2017

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macOS High Sierra
introduces new forward-looking technologies, making your Mac more reliable, capable and responsive and refines features and apps you use every day on your Mac.

All Macs introduced in mid 2010 or later and MacBook and iMac computers introduced in late 2009 are compatible. 

macOS High Sierra includes: 

  • New technologies – to improve functions on your Mac from how it stores data to unleashing the full potential of your graphics processor.  
  • Apple File system (APFS) - will be introduced to Macs with all-flash internal storage, that brings a new level of security and responsiveness including a new 64-bit architecture.  
  • Built in encryption - safe and secure with built‑in encryption, crash‑safe protections and simplified data backup on the go.
  • HEVC – high efficiency video coding can compress videos up to 40% more than the current standard. This means videos stream better and take up less space.   
  • Advanced graphics* – the new Metal 2 advances the visual experience, adds machine learning capabilities, virtual reality and external GPU support for entertainment and professional creative apps.  
  • Interactive virtual reality* – developers can create interactive virtual reality for the first time on the Mac.  
  • Tailor apps and features – organise, navigate and edit photos with the new Photos app, tailor web-browsing and locate emails faster  - find out more. 

                                                                                                                                               * Subject to hardware requirements

Installing macOS High Sierra

When installing macOS High Sierra on the built-in solid-state drive (SSD) of a Mac, the drive is automatically converted to Apple File System (APFS). Fusion Drives and hard disk drives (HDDs) unfortunately are not converted.

Got a fusion or HDD?

If you have a fusion or HDD, contact us for help by calling 020 8979 3000 or email sales(at) 

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