Apple’s Assistive Technologies for business

October 3, 2018

Apple iOS devices are easy to use and intuitive, encompassing powerful award-winning built-in assistive technologies that make tasks easier in a business setting.  From having messages and emails read out, adjusting display to invert colours in a darker environment to having audio and visual alerts if in a noisy setting. 

Here we take a look at Apple’s Assistive Technologies that any iOS device user can benefit from.

In a business environment the ability to multi-task is essential. The ‘Speak Screen’ can read email, messages and web pages to enable you to remain focussed so you can review business documentation or web content easily.  You can pause, move forwards or backwards and change the speaking rate. 

To access – Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech and use the slider to turn on the Speak Screen

If you are in a noisy workplace or where an urgent response is required, you can set up visual and audio alerts to ensure you never miss a thing. iPhone offers both visual and audio announcements for incoming phone and FaceTime calls, text and email messages and calendar events.

To access – Settings > General > Accessibility > Use the slider to turn on LED flash for alerts.
Tap Settings > Notifications > Select an App > Use the slider to turn on Allow notifications.
Tap Settings > Sounds > Select different sounds for text, email and calendar alerts.

The dictation functionality can convert what users say into text. Easily create an email, note or URL without typing, just speak aloud and your iOS device converts words, numbers and characters into text. 

To access – Settings > General > Keyboard > Use the slider to turn on enable dictation. Go to the screen keyboard in mail, messages or notes. From the screen keyboard tap the microphone icon and begin speaking.

Users can see what’s on the iOS device screen in an environment where a bright screen can be distracting. In a darker setting, by inverting colours the screen is easier to view. 

To access – Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility shortcut. Tap invert colours to select it. To disable or enable invert colour, triple click the home button.

An iOS device can be limited to a single App by setting a passcode that disables the Home Button.  This can be used for instances that require kiosks, menus, sign-in forms etc. 

To access – Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Use the slider to turn on Guided Access. 
Tap Passcode Settings > Set guided access passcode. Enter a guided access passcode. Return to the home screen and open up the App you want to use. Triple-click the home button and click start.

To end Guided Access, use Touch-ID or triple-click the home button and enter your Guided Access passcode.

Siri can assist with carrying out tasks more quickly and efficiently. E.g: “Tell Sarah I am running later”, or “Remind me to prepare for my 10am meeting tomorrow”. 

Siri can also be used to turn on Invert Colours and Guided Access, send messages, place phone calls, schedule meetings and set meeting timers. 

To access – Settings > General > Siri.  Use the slider to turn on Siri. Follow the steps to help Siri recognise your voice. Talk to Siri.

You can also use the slider to turn on Allow ‘Hey Siri’, so you do not need to click the home button to access Siri. 

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