Apple Pencil: Drawing on power

May 8, 2018

With the latest iPad supporting Apple Pencil, you can now get the best possible experience writing and drawing, with greater precision, natural control and a responsive design.


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Responsive design
Writing or drawing with Apple Pencil feels as responsive as a pencil on paper. The touch subsystem in the iPad display scans the signal from Apple Pencil 240 times per second, getting twice the data points it collects with a finger, meaning the latency; the delay between starting to draw and seeing it appear on the screen is almost imperceptible.

Greater precision
As the iPad, Apple Pencil, and iOS are designed together, there are greater levels of precision than on other touchscreen devices. So if you are adding detail to a drawing or editing a photo, you can touch a single pixel on the display and get the exact result you want.

Natural control
Apple Pencil is full with technology and the familiar design makes it feel great in the hand. Advanced sensors detect position, force, and tilt, so that you can hold Apple Pencil just like a pen or pencil to get the effects you want. So whether you’re signing your name on a document or adding shading effects to a masterpiece, everything looks and feels natural.

Advanced touch technology
iPad Pro and the new iPad are built with the same advanced touch technology that helps make Apple Pencil so responsive and easy to use.

And palm-rejection technology means that you don’t need to change your natural writing or drawing position. You can even use Apple Pencil and your fingers on the Multi-Touch display at the same time. So that you can scroll, zoom, or draw straight lines with a ruler.

Powerful iOS and App Store apps
Powerful apps and iOS 11 features ensure you get the most out of Apple Pencil. You can search for handwritten notes in Notes or use Smart Annotation (beta) in Pages to mark up documents and keep annotations anchored to the text.

And that’s just the start. The App Store includes plenty more apps designed with Apple Pencil in mind for writing, sketching, painting, editing photos, and more. You can even convert writing to text with GoodNotes 4 or use Microsoft Office apps to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Battery life
Under the magnetic cap of Apple Pencil is a lightning connector that lets you plug into iPad.  A full charge gives you 12 hours of scribbling, sketching, annotating and editing. 



  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd Generation).  
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st Generation). 
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch.  
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch.  
  • iPad (6th Generation). 


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