10 reasons why Jamf Pro is the Enterprise choice

February 9, 2018

Enterprise organisations are continually adopting JAMF Pro, a powerful Mac management tool that makes IT tasks simple and sustainable and effortlessly shapes the perfect Mac, iPad, or iPhone for end-users.

Similar to managing Windows devices

The JAMF Pro solution enables IT administrators to manage Mac computers in much the same way as Windows computers are managed with SCCM. 

Per-device subscription

Subscription is billed per device, ensuring that you only pay for the licenses used and makes budgeting transparent. Available for macOS and iOS devices. 

Up and running in minutes

The solution's comprehensive tool set can be configured to include OS builds, software packages, printers and pre and post imaging tasks enabling machines to be set-up in minutes.

Zero-touch deployment

Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple TV can be deployed quickly without ever touching the device, by being integrated with Apple's Device Enrolment Program (DEP). Security and access profiles can be set-up on devices, and apps and content can be sent all over-the-air.

Collect dynamic inventory

JAMF Pro enables hardware and software distribution to be monitored by user or device, allowing for more efficient planning and budgeting.

Reduce risks and protect resources

Leverage the world-class native security tools that Apple builds into every device and ensure peace of mind with remote lock and wipe, automated patches, and backup status reports.

Build an IT Enterprise ecosystem

Maximise existing third-party tools, distribute through the cloud, and link into your existing user directory.

End-user self-service

The proprietary self-service app provides on-demand access to organisationally approved apps, software, and content allows system configurations and routine maintenance tasks to be performed all without IT assistance. 

Intuitive patch policy management

Manual software patching is a thing of the past. New patch policies are purpose-built providing automatic visibility of devices that are eligible for patches and how to bring devices into compliance.

Complete visibility of Apple IT estate

JAMF Pro provides complete visibility of an organisation's Apple IT estate.

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