Here's why Mac devices are becoming more favourable to PC

January 24, 2019

The use of Mac devices in business is every expanding.  We take a look at why they are becoming more and more favourable to PCs.

As Apple designs both hardware and software, it makes for a better user experience as they intuitively work together utilising built-in apps and tools that increase user productivity, to create a powerful business tool.  

The similarities between macOS and iOS ensure that the user has familiarity and consistency working across Apple devices, and the use of traditional apps like Microsoft Office provide business users tools they are accustomed to, and using Siri to perform tasks like finding files and searching the web with voice activated commands makes tasks simple. 

Integration between devices is one of the biggest selling points, having the ability to start a task on one Apple device and continue it on another, like the Universal Clipboard, which allows items to be copied and shared on other Apple devices, starting a conversation on iPhone and resuming it on your Mac. Plus, the integration will only get more expansive over time.

The process of Mac deployment and management is easy, working seamlessly with MDM solutions, to configure, enrol, deploy and manage admin rights across the entire corporate network using Apple business manager, which means all IT admin can be carried out without touching the device. 

Mac computers regularly receive updates, making them more capable over time and with bug fixes and patches, even vintage Macs can still remain operational for many years. 

What’s more, Mac offers higher residual values with lower support costs, as confirmed by IBM who state ‘every Mac saves IBM between $273-$543 compared to a PC over a four-year lifespan* and for IBM ‘PCs drive twice the amount of support calls’.*

Not only will the Mac provide you with a lower cost of ownership, you can still get money back on your investment when you upgrade to a newer Mac.  Mac’s have a higher trade-in value than PCs, offering approximately $550 for a 3-year-old MacBook Pro and $600 for a 4-year-old MacBook Pro**

Although the initial outlay for a Mac may seem expensive, what you receive in return truly outweighs the cost on the price tag. Having a reliable, trust-worthy, up-to-date and intuitive tool is worth the investment.

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